Why is Hair Transplantation done?

Antonio Conte is one of the famous people who suffered from baldness due to hair loss and had hair transplantation. The main purpose of hair transplantation is to ensure that people with baldness problems regain new and healthy hair. Nowadays, hair loss is encountered for many reasons. Moreover, drug treatments or natural herbal treatments cannot prevent this. Hair strands, which disappear over time, leave a gap in their place.

This hurts people’s self-esteem. Antonio Conte, who had a baldness problem, is a person who has achieved healthy hair by having hair transplantation. Since hair transplantation is a very effective and permanent solution, it is also preferred by famous people. Hair loss turns into a serious condition over time. When people cannot cope with this problem, they find a solution by consulting experts in their field. This hair loss and baldness problem mostly affects the social life of the person. Hair transplantation comes into play at this point and solves this problem radically. Hair transplantation is applied to have healthy hair when people suffer from baldness or sparse hair.

What is the Most Appropriate Technique for Hair Transplantation?

There are many people who have serious hair loss problems due to aging, a stressful life or genetic factors. Hair loss, on the other hand, makes people face the problem of baldness over time. In this case, the solution is hair transplantation. However, at this point, when the points that need attention are not taken into account, healthy results cannot be obtained. It is essential that hair transplantation is done by experts in the field. At the same time, the hair transplantation technique is of great importance.

Applying the hair transplantation process in the form of strips can create undesirable results. The hair transplantation technique should not be applied with strips that fail in terms of naturalness. The aim of hair transplantation is not only to have healthy and full hair, but also to achieve a natural appearance. In this respect, the hair transplantation to be applied should be done by opening the grooves one by one and planting the hair strands in each groove one by one. Antonio Conte is one of the famous names who had a hair transplant with this method and achieved a natural appearance. The hair transplantation method in which individual hair strands are transplanted is known as the Fue technique. The most natural look is achieved with this technique.

What Happens after Hair Transplantation?

People who face the problem of baldness and find the solution in hair transplantation must keep the nape area covered for 3 days after hair transplantation. However, the area where hair transplantation is performed should definitely remain open. The first 3 days are very important for patients. On the 2nd day after the procedure, the transplanted area begins to crust. This crusting period lasts for about 8 or 10 days. Subsequently, as this area is washed, the crusts disappear. After the procedure, Antonio Conte took care of the transplanted area and experienced a rapid recovery.

However, serious hair loss is experienced during the healing process after hair transplantation. This hair loss is a very normal process for the recovery period. After rapid hair loss, new and healthy hair will start to grow. After the hair loss phase, which lasts for 3 months, serious progress will be seen. Although the newly emerging hair strands are curly or wavy in the adaptation period of the hair strands at first, the situation will return to normal in the future. Antonio Conte, who got effective results in this regard, got the healthy hair he wanted after hair transplantation.