Why is Hair Transplantation done?

Hair strands that are shed over time gradually cause baldness, and James Nesbitt, who has this problem, reaches a permanent solution thanks to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be applied locally, or it can be applied to the envy of honey. The important point here is that the person has enough donor hair. Hair strands weaken from the roots and start to fall out. Then, as this process progresses, baldness occurs.


James Nesbitt suffered from baldness on the crown and gained healthy hair with hair transplantation. Moreover, it is quite easy to gain a natural appearance with hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which is applied only to certain areas, gives healthy results. Since the problem of baldness that develops due to hair loss will adversely affect the external appearance of an individual, it is necessary to have a hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, people regain their self-confidence and a more attractive appearance.



What is the Best Hair Transplantation Method?

The person who is going to have the transplantation has to be examined first by specialist doctors in the field. The person’s hair is examined from the scalp to the ends of the hair and the most suitable hair transplantation method is selected. However, the most important point to be considered here is to avoid hair transplantation techniques applied in strips. This will not achieve a natural look. Moreover, the risk of error is very high. Therefore, the process should be completed by transplanting hairs one by one into the grooves opened for the hair roots. The method is called the Fue hair transplantation method.


James Nesbitt, who preferred this method, gained healthy hair after hair transplantation. With the Fue technique, the success rate is much higher because the hairs are transplanted one by one. Very narrow channels are opened in the areas where the hair will be transplanted. These grooves are narrow and small enough to allow the hair follicles to be placed. Grooves are opened by using cylindrical needles in the fue hair transplantation technique. This process is done separately for each hair follicle. The Fue technique is the most popular and most successful method in hair transplantation. Therefore, many people who have baldness problems have achieved healthy hair strands thanks to the Fue hair transplantation method.



How is the Fue Technique Applied in Hair Transplantation?

The Fue technique is one of the most effective methods for transplanting new hair strands. First local anesthesia is applied to patients who have been examined by experts in the field. The area to be transplanted is cleaned with special cleaning products. Previously extracted donor hair from the same person is stored in a special area and prepared for the patient. Small grooves are opened with devices with cylindrical tips and operated with micro motors.


Pre-set hair strands are transplanted into these grooves. This hair transplantation procedure is very simple and effective. Placing hair strands into each groove one by one also provides a natural look. Although hair transplantation with the Fue technique is preferred by most men and women, it is mostly applied to men. James Nesbitt, who preferred this technique, got the hair he wanted after hair transplantation.



Why is Hair Transplantation Important for Men?

Hair loss in men can generally develop due to genetic factors. Baldness can be seen mostly in the crown area of men, especially in advancing ages. Hair can also thin on the forehead. Although the problem of baldness seems to be an insoluble problem, it can be corrected very easily with hair transplantation. Moreover, having natural and full hair is achieved very quickly with hair transplantation. James Nesbitt, who has new, natural and thick hair, gained this hair after hair transplantation.