Where are Celebrities Going for Hair Transplantation?

Some criteria must be available for hair transplantation, and as a result of determining these criteria, the question where celebrities go for hair transplantation in general arises. When people have hair loss problems due to genetic reasons, they can have a hair transplantation.

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure people wondered where celebrities go for hair transplantation. People who will have hair transplantation must meet certain conditions. This procedure is generally performed on patients aged 18 and over. In addition, if hair loss occurs due to hormonal problems, expert help is available.

A stressful life and environmental factors are serious contenders in causing hair loss. Hair loss occurs as a result of accidents. All these can be remedied with air transplantation.


Points to Consider After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a treatment method for people who have hair loss problems in general. Before undertaking treatment, celebrities do research on where to go for hair transplantation. No matter which center the hair transplantation procedure is performed in, there are some points to be considered. Attention needs to be given to the area to be transplanted and the area where the donor follicles will be extracted from. After hair transplantation, patients should rest at home for the first 5 days. The main why patients are asked to rest is to avoid any possible blows to the treated area. The transplanted area must not be exposed to the sun.

At the same time, windy weather must be avoided after hair transplantation. Itching occurs in the area after hair transplantation. Scratching these areas must be avoided. If the area is itchy because the hair follicles do not fit properly, the procedure might have negative results. In general, crusting occurs in the transplanted area. The formed crusts are generally shed within 2 weeks on average. When the crusting does not shed in 2 weeks, the crusts are removed by the doctor.

Does Bleeding Occur After Hair Transplantation?

People who intend to have a hair transplantation, generally do research on where celebrities are going for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation operations performed in hair transplantation centers are very hygienic. A small amount of local anesthesia is generally applied during hair transplantation. Local anesthesia needs to be repeated in some cases. It is known that this can happen when the hair transplantation process takes longer than anticipated. When local anesthesia is applied, the procedure is painless. It is very important at this stage that the person does not feel pain.

The hair transplantation process will be difficult if the patient feels pain. Therefore, local anesthesia is applied. Patients who undergo local anesthesia generally do not feel pain. Bleeding occurs in some cases. Bleeding can occur if the hair follicles are processed harshly. Before starting the hair transplantation treatment, the patient should not stop taking anticoagulants 2 weeks beforehand. Minor bleeding is considered natural in hair transplantation. Bleeding will be severe in people who use drugs.


Where is Hair Transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is generally performed in hair transplantation centers. This treatment, which is performed in hair transplantation centers, is generally carried out by specialists. This method of treatment is very important. That is why expert teams deliver the best service to our patients. The venue where the hair transplantation procedure is carried out must be clean. The transplant area can easily become infected for any reason. People generally prefer hair transplantation centers where celebrities have gone for hair transplantation.