What You Need to Know About Transplanted Hair and Hair Fiber

Hair consisting of fibers is generally used for patients with a small amount of hair follicles, therefore people generally wonder to what extent they can use this fiber hair after hair transplantation. The answer to this question is very important for the incumbents.

The question of whether the fiber hair can be used after hair transplantation is generally yes. Hair fibers are generally produced in a biological setup. Biological fibers are used to give people with insufficient hair follicles a hair transplantation.

In addition, it allows people who want to supplement their hair to have it in a practical way on the same day. Hair fibers are used to remedy the problem of individuals suffering from baldness. Biologically produced fibers are transplanted into the bald areas of those suffering from baldness.


What are the advantages of hair transplanted with the help of fiber?

In general, the transplantation of biologically produced fibers is performed for people who cannot have hair transplantation with their own hair follicles. Patients wonder how they can use fiber hair after hair transplantation. Those who have fiber hair transplantation have full hair after the procedure. Natural looking hair can be obtained in a matter of hours with fiber hair.

Fiber hair offers patients the option of long hair. The short hair option is also available with the long hair option with hair transplantation. As a result, the patient can choose the length of hair he wants. Having wave hair is also an option with hair transplantation. At the same time, the hair fibers to be transplanted can be made straight or curly depending on the choice of the patient. In conclusion, the patient chooses what hair model he wants.


What Happens If Hair Transplantation is performed less than perfectly?

Hair transplantation is generally known as a medical procedure. Therefore, the procedures to be performed should be done by a surgeon under appropriate conditions. Patients are concerned whether they will able manage fiber hair after hair transplantation. Due diligence must be practiced since hair transplantation is a medical procedure. Hair fibers are produced biologically when the patient’s follicles are insufficient.

Hair fibers are carefully manufactured in biological environments. Therefore, hair transplantation procedures are generally performed by a surgeon under certain conditions. Hair transplantation operations are generally known as long-lasting procedures. Transplantations are made in sessions. However, synthetic hair transplantation will give the patient a full head of hair on the same day. This method enables us to serve our patients with the best service.

Synthetic Hair Transplantation

Synthetic hair transplantation is generally known as the procedure to be performed on people who meet certain conditions. It is a hair transplantation method that requires a surgical procedure. The reason for this is also known as the production of synthetic hair in biological setups. The patient chooses the hair length he wants before synthetic hair transplantation is carried out. They also choose the color of hair they want.

Anesthetic cream is applied to the bald areas before hair transplantation. The working principle of the machine is different. The machine inserts a hook under the skin and the synthetic hair is knotted under the scalp. Therefore, synthetic hair will not grow. After synthetic hair transplantation, people can return to their social lives whenever they want. In conclusion, people find the answer to the question of whether they can use fiber hair after hair transplantation.