What Points need to be Considered after Hair Transplantation?

There are some points that need to be taken into consideration after hair transplantation. Brendan Fraser paid great attention to these considerations after hair transplantation. The problem of hair transplantation is generally encountered  as a problem that is constantly pestering men and women.

Brendan Fraser found a solution to this problem by having a hair transplantation. The care after hair transplantation is very important for the patient. Therefore, we provide the best services to our patients by equipping them with the necessary information. This issue, which is important for the patient, is also very important for the operating specialist. Patients who have hair transplantation generally need to have dressing for the first few days.

The dressing should be done in hair transplantation centers. The patients need to be very careful for a few days after hair transplantation. Care must be taken during these first few days to avoid the possibility of shedding the hair that has been transplanted. The patient must constantly use the medication that has been prescribed for the post op period. Depleted drugs must be replaced as necessary.


What kind of Nutrition is recommended After Hair Transplantation?

Nutrition is very important after hair transplantation. The importance of nutrition was also understood after Brendan Fraser had a hair transplantation. Nutrition is very important for a healthy hair transplantation. A specific menu is not handed out to patients after hair transplantation. Consumed foods should not affect the hair follicles.

Foods high in minerals and vitamins that will nourish the hair follicles shall be preferred. Since minerals and vitamins generally nourish the hair root, the hair will grows stronger and thicker. A balanced diet should be prioritized for the first week or two after having hair transplantation.  must have a balanced diet within a week or two after hair transplantation. The diet should be rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E after hair transplantation. This means that attention must be paid to nutrition in general.


Is it safe to wear a hat after hair transplantation?

People who always prefer to wear hats want to continue using hats after hair transplantation. Brendan Fraser had a hair transplantation as a result of the his problem. In general, when people want to use a hat after hair transplantation, they should consult with an expert. People who have hair transplantation can get clinical hats from the experts who do hair transplantation. The use of clinical hats is important at this stage.

The clinical hats to be used generally protect the hair follicles that have been transplanted from the sun. In addition to the sun, the transplanted hair follicles are also protected from rain and wind. Clinical hats also protect the transplanted hair follicles from infections. The clinical hats also protect the transplanted follicles from impacts. All this protection enables the hair follicles to attach themselves.


How to Know whether the Transplanted Hair has taken hold?

There are certain indicators that reveal whether the transplanted hair will take hold or not. If care is neglected at the end of hair transplantation processes, the hair might fail to hold. It is vital that the hair follicles take hold. Once the transplanted hair follicles take hold, the hair will grow thicker. Therefore, some people need to have hair transplantation again.

Whether the follicles take hold or not is usually revealed within a few months Those who have had hair transplantation must avoid bad weather conditions. The structure of some hair types allow the hair to take hold in a shorter time. Whether Brendan Fraser’s transplanted hair would take hold was a matter of curiosity like it is with everyone else who has had a hair transplantation.