What is Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

Hair treatments include the option of stem cell hair transplantation. Hair follicles are generally stimulated with this treatment method. This treatment enables the hair follicles of the person to grow robustly.

The healthy growth of hair occurs thanks to stem cell hair transplantation. We apply this treatment in the best way to our patients who are constantly experiencing hair loss. After applying the treatment, the hair loss problems of the patients generally disappear. Thanks to this treatment, it is also possible to repair damaged cells.

This treatment ensures the formation of new cells in the treated area. New cells generally heal damaged cells along with them. This treatment method is among the treatment methods that are  applied even when hair transplantation is not performed. At the same time, this treatment method is among the treatments that people who have had hair transplantation will apply to support their hair transplantation.


Who is a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

People who experience hair loss have stem cell hair transplantation to make their hair thicker. We generally offer this type of hair transplantation to patients who need the best service that is applicable. In general, the problem of hair loss can occur as a result of infection. This treatment is applied to ensure that the hair follicles of infected people are healthy. In general, this treatment is known as a treatment applied to both men and women.

The hair follicles of men and women who use hair dye for a long time become sensitive and therefore hair loss increases continuously. The hair follicles of men and women who go to the hairdresser regularly can wear out over time. As a result, we apply this treatment to everyone. We provide the best service to our patients with this method.


How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Treatment done?

The method that produces healthier hair than conventional hair transplantation is known as stem cell hair transplantation. Certain steps are taken during this type of hair transplantation. First, the patient undergoes a preliminary examination. During the preliminary examination, a very small piece of tissue is extracted from the patient. The cells of the tissue piece are then replicated. The tissue is usually sent to the laboratory. The desired cell replication process is performed in the laboratory.

The extracted tissue sample is applied to the patient after the cell proliferation process. Hair transplantation is performed on the applied area. As a result of this procedure, the patient’s baldness is eliminated. The hair starts to grow thickly in the areas where the person experienced baldness. As a result of this procedure applied to treat baldness, the hair strands come out and become quite strong. This method delivers positive results even if the problem of hair loss has been long term.


How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Take?

This treatment is applied to make the hair of individuals stronger. The treatment method consists of two steps. In general, these steps are very important. In the first step, a piece of tissue is extracted from the hair area of the patient. Subsequently, the tissue is replicated as much as necessary. The replication of the tissue usually takes about 3 weeks on average. It is quite possible to produce many cells from this tissue.

However, at this stage, the cells are produced according to the needs of the patient. This is known as the first stage. In the second stage the produced cells are carefully prepared for application to the patient. The prepared cell is injected into the patient’s scalp. As a result of these procedures, the person’s hair transplant is realized. The procedure should be continued for 8 to 12 months to get effective results from the treatment. Stem cell hair transplantation treatment is performed for the hair loss problems of men and women.