What is Ice Fue Hair Transplantation?


The most basic feature of hair transplantation is known as Ice FUE hair transplantation. Ice hair transplantation is generally known as the most basic feature. The reason why it is the main feature is actually known as feeding the hair follicles with different methods.

It is known that the Ice FUE hair transplantation process consists of stages. In the first stage the hair follicles are collected by certain methods. The collected hair follicles are kept in a cold solution to protect them. The solution in which the hair follicles are kept is a special solution. Thanks to the special solution, the hair follicles structure is strengthened.

When the hair follicles with the reinforced structure are injected, the new hair becomes stronger. In addition, this special solution also ensures the longevity of hair follicles. When these extraordinary hair follicles are transplanted, it also ensures that the newly grown hair is long-lasting. It is also known that there are no traces in the hair follicles that have been transplanted with this method. Scar formation actually differs from person to person. Some people may have minimal scarring after hair transplantation.

Is Ice Fue Hair Transplantation Suitable for Everyone?


Ice FUE hair transplantation is not recommended for people with massive hair loss. This is because people with massive hair loss need more hair follicles. This process is generally completed in a single session. As a result of this procedure, which is performed in a single session, a minimum of 3000 and a maximum of 6000 grafts are added to the patient.

This procedure is generally recommended for people with less hair loss. This procedure can be done with peace of mind in men and women who are just starting to lose their hair. The number of donor grafts to be extracted from the incumbent will counter this process. It is very difficult to perform this procedure on people with massive hair loss because there will not be sufficient donor grafts available.

What are the Advantages of the Ice Fue Hair Transplantation Technique?


Ice FUE hair transplantation is a cell hair transplantation technique with the help of ice. Some conditions are generally considered before using this method. As a result of these conditions, it is generally known as the appropriate method for every hair type. The best advantage of this hair transplantation technique is that it is suitable for all hair types. High levels of hair follicles are extracted with the hair transplantation technique to be performed on individuals.

The hair follicles taken are generally used in a healthy way in transplantation processes. In this hair transplantation technique, the life of the hair is generally extended. The root structure is reinforced as the hair follicles are kept in solutions with a special formula. In addition to strengthening the root structure, the life of the hair is extended. We provide the best services to our patients.

What are the Disadvantages of the Ice Fue Hair Transplantation Technique?


Hair transplantation also has disadvantages. While performing hair transplantation treatment, the hair has to be completely shaved. Shaving people’s hair for hair transplantation can be considered a disadvantage. In general, with this technique, a lot of hair follicles are taken. The extracted hair follicles are kept in the solution for a while. Then the hair follicles are transplanted to the missing areas.

The duration generally varies according to the technique. At the same time, the amount of hair follicles need for the procedure also changes the duration of hair transplantation. The long duration is known as a disadvantage in hair transplantation. It is applied to people who require extensive hair transplantation. This procedure is generally done if there is hair on the nape. Since the procedure takes a long time, local anesthesia is given liberally. Ice FUE hair transplantation is generally done to people who need it.