What is Hair Restoration and why is it Done?

Joel Mchale is a celebrity who had hair restoration after his hair transplantation carried out as a result of hair loss was applied incorrectly. Hair restoration is a correction process after hair transplantation, which has been done incorrectly and erroneously. If hair transplantation is applied incorrectly, it will look wrong. The nature of the error needs to be determined before it can be corrected.

As a result of hair transplantation error, Joel Mchale had a hair restoration procedure carried out and gained healthy and beautiful looking. Hair strands that have not been transplanted correctly will become obvious over time. It is important to pinpoint where and why the error was made. Even if the mistake made during hair transplantation is noticed at a later stage, it can be corrected by experts in the field.


When can you tell that the hair transplantation is not what it should be?

The most effective solution for baldness problems caused by hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation should be performed by experts in the field. In addition, the patient must have a special examination and the hair transplantation should be performed based on this. Otherwise, less than perfect hair transplantations can take place. This will result in a look that is less than perfect. The solution for hair transplantations that are not applied correctly is hair transplantation restoration.

After hair transplantation, Joel Mchale had hair restoration and chose the most suitable hair type for himself. Within 10 days after the transplanting of new hair in the bald areas, improvement was observed in the hair roots. In the following days, healthy hair growth is expected. Whether the hair strands grow healthily or whether they were transplanted with the right technique becomes clear within a period of 1 year. If something is not satisfactory, the patient should definitely act early and consult experts in the field.



What Could Be the Cause of Failure in Hair Transplantation?

Joel Mchale, who had an unsuccessful result in his hair transplantation process, has achieved the hair of his dreams as a result of hair restoration. The biggest reason for failure in hair transplantation is choosing the wrong application technique. Naturalness is very important if you plant new hair strands in bald areas. Its natural appearance is determined by the way the hair strands are transplanted. When new hair strands are planted in strips during hair transplantation, they will not result in a natural appearance. Under the circumstances, the newly transplanted hair strands will not give the desired appearance because a wrong application has been preferred.

The newly transplanted hair strands should be transplanted one by one, not in strips. Individual hair strands must be transplanted into the newly opened grooves to achieve a natural appearance. As long as this technique is preferred in hair transplantation, the risk of erroneous application is avoided. Experts in the field should be chosen to perform the procedure.



Why is Hair Restoration Needed?

Hair restoration is sometimes needed to cover any scars left by the hair strands planted in strips. If hairs have been transplanted at the wrong angle, this can also be corrected with hair restoration. Hair strands fall out and over time after a correctly applied hair transplantation process and the hair strands start to grow again. Hair loss at this stage is very natural.

However, if hair strands do not grow back after this shedding, there is a problem. Faulty hair transplantation also prevents the shed hair strands from growing again. The best way to prevent this and correct the situation is hair restoration. Joel Mchale had hair restoration when the transplanted hair grew upwards instead to the right.