What is a suitable age for hair transplantation?

The question about the age of people for having a hair transplantation is a matter of interest. In general, when this question is answered, there is no age requirement for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is performed when medical hair transplantation is required for a small child for any reason.

For this reason, there is no age requirement for hair transplantation. In cases where hair transplantation is not required as a medical method, age is required. The person must be at least 18 years old for aesthetic hair transplantation. Every individual who has completed the age of 18 can have an aesthetic hair transplantation. Some hair transplantation centers do not have age requirements. If the person is under the age of 18, they perform hair transplantation when health problems are not a concern. Therefore, the health status of the person is also very important.

What kind of Care After Hair Transplantation?

Care after hair transplantation is very important. People who have hair transplantation should pay attention to their care to get full benefits from the process. Young individuals wonder at what age hair transplantation is done, and how to care after hair transplantation. Individuals who have hair transplantation should go to the hair transplantation center one day later and have their dressing changed. The hair is not washed until the hair transplantation center declares that you can wash your hair. The instructions of the transplantation centers should be taken into account to have robust transplanted hair.

The first hair washing process is done by the transplantation centers. Hair is washed carefully on the day determined by the hair transplantation center. This period generally lasts at least 3 days from the person’s hair transplantation. Hair transplantation centers can perform hair washing at least 3 days after transplantation, depending on the condition of the person’s hair. The patient can wash with shampoo approximately two weeks after the hair transplantation procedure.

How is hair transplantation done?

People must pass a preliminary examination before hair transplantation is performed. In addition to the question of the appropriate age for hair transplantation, individuals also wonder how hair transplantation is done. The stages of hair transplantation vary according to the hair transplantation that the person needs. The existing hair of the person is analyzed for some hair transplantation methods. As a result of the analysis, the density of the hair follicles of the person is determined. Then, if the person has enough hair follicles, hair transplantation is performed on the areas that require it.

With this procedure, we offer the best services to our patients. Roots taken from scalps are separated one by one when necessary. After the separation process, the hair transplantation is performed. Some hair transplantation procedures   do not incur scars. Therefore, these methods are generally preferred. We inform our patients about hair transplantation to provide the best service.

What is the Most Important Issue for Hair Transplantation?

The most important point in hair transplantation is known as keeping the hair follicles in the planted area in the best possible way. Hair transplantation is known as a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is a procedure that should be done in a hospital environment to avoid infection.

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it should be performed by surgeons who have received the best training. As a result of the careful hair transplantation process, the hair follicles take hold better. The angle of hair transplantation is also very important. Therefore, the most important factor in hair transplantation should not be the age of hair transplantation.