What is a Hair Transplantation Method?

Although hair loss is known as the main problem of everyone, Jimmy Carr found a solution to this problem by having a hair transplantation. Hair loss is becoming more common in people day by day. Therefore, technology offers plenty of development to resolve these problems that people experience. Solutions to hair loss problems increase with the development of technology. Today, men and women who experience baldness generally have hair transplantation.

Jimmy Carr discovered the hair transplantation solution as a result of Jimmy Carr hair transplantation. That is why hair transplantation is also known as the most preferred aesthetic operation. In order to provide better service to our patients, we perform hair transplantation in accordance with the structure of our patients. Therefore, the hair transplantation process differs from person to person. In addition to being a specific hair transplantation method, they also harbor different techniques. Applying the right technique according to the patient helps to achieve good results. If the procedure performed to remedy the baldness problem of the person is not the correct technique, the person cannot get positive results from the procedure. When we look at the techniques used for hair transplantation, we come across the FUT technique. Other techniques are the FUE technique and DHI technique. The DHI Plus Gold technique is also generally used to remedy advanced baldness.


What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation has been the solution for everyone. At the same time, Jimmy Carr found a solution to his hair loss thanks to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation methods include FUE hair transplantation. Hair follicles used with this method are collected one by one. There is also a machine that collects the hair follicles one by one. This machine works with a micro motor. The ends have a cylindrical structure. This facilitates the collection of hair follicles. No single hair follicles are alike. There are differences in each hair root. These differences are manifested as double or triple hair cells of the hair follicle.


Before FUE hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied as much as necessary. The amount of hair follicles that will be sufficient for the bald part of the person is determined. After the hair follicles are determined they are collected from the hairiest area of the patient. The number of strands to be transplanted during the session differs according to the extent of the baldness of the patient. This hair transplantation method causes no scarring. Before hair transplantation, people are generally shaved. Hair roots can also be collected from the patient’s arm with this hair transplantation method that is performed according to the patient’s wish.


What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?


People have hair transplantation to remedy hair loss problems. Jimmy Carr ended his hair loss problem by having a hair transplantation. People feel self-confident after hair transplantation. The fact that people feel self-confident also means that they are happier in their social lives. People feel the need to use a hat when they have hair loss problems. Those who have hair transplantation can do away with their hats. The hair looks quite natural after hair transplantation.

Who can have Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be performed on every healthy individual over the age of 22. It is sufficient to have enough hair follicles in the nape area behind the ears to qualify for hair transplantation. If there are not enough hair follicles in the specified area, it becomes difficult to close the bald area. Therefore, hair transplantation is not performed on such patients. Hair transplantation is not recommended for people with few hair follicles. The results of a hair transplantation done with insufficient hair roots will be wasted. Jimmy Carr, whose condition was commensurate with the criteria, eliminated the problem of hair loss by having a hair transplantation.