What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

When we look at the causes of hair loss, in addition to all the many factors that are manifested, people also wonder whether breast implants can cause hair loss. Hair loss problems in individuals generally occur at advancing ages. However, some people experience hair loss problems at an early age due to genetic factors.

The answer to the question of whether breast implants can cause hair loss, which is a concern because of the aesthetic procedures that people have, is actually given as no. This process does not cause hair loss. The causes of hair loss seen in men and women are defined differently. Usually, genetic factors are determined as the cause of hair loss. If the person has a stressful life, he is likely to face the problem of hair loss.

Individuals who want to prevent further progression of hair loss problems generally have hair transplantation that is suitable for them. Among the causes of hair loss problems experienced by some people are factors such as unbalanced nutrition. Vitamin deficiency is also among the causes of hair loss. Aesthetic operations that people have undergone do not cause hair loss.


Issues to Know Before Having a Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is known as an important aesthetic procedure performed by experts. A hair transplantation done by someone who is not an expert is not recommended. In general, the point of whether breast implants can cause hair loss is something people wonder about at this stage. This is out of the question. Before hair transplantation is performed, people should get answers to all the questions that come to their minds. It is very important at this stage that the specialist to whom people have gone for hair transplantation is enthusiastic. The specialist you prefer should be skilled in performing hair transplantation. Therefore, people should research the best specialist before having a hair transplantation.

Otherwise, the probability of the transplanted hair not taking root increases. Thanks to technologies, people can pre-determine the hair that will suit them before they have a hair transplantation. As a result of this situation, people do not have regrets after having a hair transplantation. People should not have their hair follicles transplanted too densely and too much while having a hair transplantation. When that is done, the problem caused by failure to carry out the second treatment to be applied to the hair is manifested.


Can Hair be dyed After Hair Transplantation?

Among the questions that people who have hair transplantation are generally curious about are whether breast implants can cause hair loss and whether hair dyeing can be done after hair transplantation. Hair dyeing can generally be done after a certain period of time after hair transplantation. The dye to be made after hair transplantation may cause an allergic reaction and prevent the efficiency to be obtained from the hair transplantation process.

In general, the average waiting period is determined as 3 months. It is recommended that people do not constantly dye their hair. The reason for this is that the transplanted hair has a tendency to shed as a result of dyeing in general.


What is Hair Loss after Hair Transplantation?

When people experience baldness, they find a solution to this problem by having a hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, hair loss problem occurs in most people in general. In fact, this is nothing to be afraid of, because this situation is observed in most people in general. In the areas where people have hair transplantation, crusting occurs over time. People undergo plastic surgery. Therefore, the cause of hair loss is incorrectly attributed to the question of whether breast implants can cause hair loss, which is not the case.