The Hair Transplantation Procedure

Faced with the problem of baldness, Cristiano Ronaldo found a solution to the problem of baldness after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is the placement of new hair follicles into grooves opened on the scalp. Today, many people complain about hair loss. After a certain time hair loss progresses and accelerates into a full blown problem of baldness. Hair loss can be prevented at the start with the right care and treatment.


However, if the hair loss exceeds what is normal, the situation is serious. This cannot be prevented and baldness occurs. At this point, the best and only solution is to have a hair transplantation. After hair loss, Cristiano Ronaldo needed hair transplantation. After a certain time, he got new and healthy hair.


How is Hair Transplantation Done?

First, the area to be transplanted is determined. The most suitable hair transplant technique is determined for the person, taking into account the structure of the scalp and hair strands. Then, donor hair is taken from the nape for the area to be transplanted. After the area to be transplanted is sterilized, grooves are opened with cylindrical tip devices. Sapphire-tipped or steel-tipped devices can also be used. This completely depends on the hair transplantation technique.


Hair transplantation is started after opening the channels one by one in the bald area. The best method to be used here is to plant the hair strands one by one. Hair strands planted in strips will not look healthy and will not look natural. However, a hair transplantation process in which the strands are planted one by one, a natural appearance is achieved. Cristiano Ronaldo had a hair transplantation and gained a very natural look with this technique.



Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

There is no drug treatment or any herbal treatment for people who are faced with the problem of baldness. Since the hair strands are completely separated from the roots, it is not possible for the hair strands to grow again. However, it is possible to regain healthy hair by applying hair transplantation treatment. The age of the person to be transplanted is very important. The person must be 18 years or older. The person to be transplanted must be examined to determine whether he is suitable for hair transplantation before the procedure. The degree of baldness in the patient, who is examined by experts in the field, is determined.


Subsequently, the patient should be examined for sufficient hair follicles in the nape area. It will not be right to apply hair transplantation to people who are completely bald and do not have hair follicles at all. Insufficient hair follicles are not preferred as the result will be less than perfect after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is an effective method that is preferred by famous people. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous football player who has had a successful regional hair transplantation.



What are the Effects of Hair Transplantation?

The most effective method to solve the problem of baldness caused by hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is most important for people to regain their self-confidence. The reason for this is that the problem of baldness has a serious impact on social life. People who have hair transplantation do not have problems in terms of self-confidence because they have healthy and full hair.


Many people experience hair loss due to aging. However, hair loss is not seen in people who have had hair transplantation. Moreover, even if this problem is due to genetic factors, hair loss does not occur. The main effect of hair transplantation is to have healthy hair and end hair loss. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair loss ended after he had a hair transplantation.