We aim to be the best hair transplant clinic

Few issues from the aesthetic are on the agenda of a man and his assistant in social status throughout his life.

Hair transplant comes at the top of a man’s priority list when talking about his aesthetic issues, and we, as BRAVO HAIR Clinic, set our goal for 2022 to be the best hair transplantation clinic not only in Istanbul but all over Europe.

And we will talk about what the best hair transplant clinic means for our vision. And that’s what you’ll find when you visit us.

What does it take for you to be the leader in hair transplantation?

The beginning of this work requires understanding the nature of hair and learning how to transfer it to the receiving areas with no damage to the donor area.

You must be fully aware of each stage of hair harvesting and transplant, for example, but not limited to, when transferring approximately 5,000 grafts from donor areas to the bold area, you must give a large amount of attention and care to each graft separately. In other words, the intensive care process must be repeated 5000 times.

When you aim to be the best hair clinic in Istanbul, you must have the ability to demonstrate this skill.

What does it take you to be the best at hair transplant techniques?

Hair transplantation is a non-surgical procedure similar to its theories. Today, the DHI technique using the newest hair transplant technology provides the most successful satisfying results!

Bravo Hair team has clinical experience in making these hair transplant methods successful.


What does it take for you to be the best in hair transplantation scientifically?

Dr. OZAN BALIK works with caution in general, although people consider hair transplantation a simple intervention, which is wrong. Hair transplantation is considered a surgical procedure even if it does not require general anesthesia. And there must be a surgeon on the team.

Unfortunately, hair transplantation became misleading. You should request more information regarding which clinic to go to, ask about the diploma of the person you think is a doctor.

It would be my great pleasure to show you my certificates, which present years of education and effort, seeing this is your right before you entrust your health.


Being the best hair transplant clinic requires an affordable price

Like every high-quality procedure, hair transplantation also has a price/benefit ratio, which we add to the price/quality ratio. We follow up on our patients and the quality of the procedure by opening the door for communication until we get the last desired result from hair transplantation. Claiming to be the best hair transplant clinic requires that.


What does being the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul require?

Being one of the most beautiful cities in the world (the most beautiful in our opinion), it will be very beneficial in terms of tourism during the hair transplant procedure. Likewise, as part of your Istanbul experience, you will experience the hair transplantation process in our International Health Tourism-certified clinic, where you will feel special.

Because you deserve “the best”!

For more information about hair transplantation with Sapphire percutan blade https://www.bravohairclinic.com/sapphire-hair-transplantation/