Simon Pegg Hair Transplantation

Simon Pegg, who is among the celebrities who had baldness problems, is a person who has achieved a solution by having a hair transplantation. The problem of baldness due to hair loss is a problem that is seen commonly in both men and women. It affects the appearance negatively and also creates a self-confidence problem.

The most effective method applied to eliminate the problem of baldness is hair transplantation. Simon Pegg, who preferred this procedure, underwent a great change after hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, external appearance changes to a large extent and self-confidence is restored. Moreover, after hair transplantation, the hair follicles are permanently restored and the hair strands look much healthier than they are.

How is Hair Transplantation done?

Firstly, the hair transplantation area is decided. Hair transplantation preparations are started accordingly. One of the important points here is the hair type of the incumbent who will undergo the hair transplantation. After determining the most accurate hair transplantation technique, the area to be transplanted is cleaned with a special gel.

The hairline is determined and its borders are drawn. Afterwards, grooves are opened for the hair follicles with the Fue technique. Donor follicles  which have been prepared in advance are placed into these grooves one by one. The hair follicles placed in the grooves settle in place permanently. Hair transplantation is preferred by many people because it is a permanent procedure.

What are the Results after Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the most correct procedure for people who have baldness problems. Many famous people who have had hair loss problems also have preferred hair transplantation. Faced with the problem of hair loss, Simon Pegg is one of the famous names who preferred hair transplantation. The fact that hair transplantation is permanent is the main reason why it is preferred by celebrities. Any surgical scars start to fade approximately 6 months after hair transplantation has been applied to the bald parts of the head.

Hair strands from newly transplanted hair follicles start to grow in the first 3 months. Shedding is observed during the process following hair transplantation before new permanent hair strands emerge from the hair follicles. This is quite normal and expected to happen. The first 3 months after this process, which lasts approximately 8 or 10 days, is the period when new hair strands emerge. People who have baldness and undergo hair transplantation should be patient and careful in this regard.

What Hair Transplantation Methods are available?

Hair transplantation is a method of having hair follicles applied all over the world which is highly successful. It is a method that can be applied to people who have baldness problems, as well as to people who have bald patches. However, some hair transplantation methods are not applied bald areas, but for areas where hair is sparse. Simon Pegg preferred the Fue technique as a hair transplantation procedure which is one of the hair transplantation methods that vary according to the type of experienced hair loss. Other available hair transplantation methods are the FUT technique, the DHI technique and DHI Plus Gold technique.

Hair Transplantation in Men

Hair loss is more common in men than women. Hair transplantation can be applied to all men who are over the age of 18 and are deemed suitable for hair transplantation. The most effective method for men is hair transplantation with the Fue technique. Simon Pegg, one of the male celebrities to whom the Fue technique was applied, gained natural looking hair after hair transplantation.