Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

Sapphire hair transplantation, you can see that many benefits of Sapphire blade for hair transplantation are mentioned on many web pages, such as easier groove opening, reduced vibration, less tissue damage, and no disruption of circulation. These are all wrong.

So, is Sapphire Blade Hair Transplant application useless? Of course not. However, the reason for a lack of explanation of its benefits could also be due to insufficient understanding. When compared to standard factory made classic steel blades, the sapphire blade is very easy and fast to use.

The hair transplantation scalp blades used as an international standard are thick and lose their sharpness very quickly. They will let you down, disappoint you. However, diamond-tipped sapphire percutaneous blades consisting of glass compressed at high temperatures, are extremely long, durable and sharp so it is a pleasure to use them.

In fact it is seems as if it could open the groove by itself if allowed. However, this comparison is not fair. With the incredible surgical intelligence of our country’s healthcare professionals, no one with any experience has been using those standard slit blades anyway ever since I can remember.

These shaving razors made of stainless steel are extremely sharp and do not blunt easily, you can easily renew them because they are very affordable. In terms of sharpness and scalp penetration speed, they are equal to the Sapphire.

It would be more accurate to compare them with handmade slits from razors. Well let’s do it. Since these simple razors open grooves as easily as sapphire percutaneous blades, does a sapphire percutaneous hair transplant really have an advantage? Our answer is yes.

However, the advantage of a sapphire hair transplantation is neither rapid wound healing nor tissue nutrition. The only advantage that it actually has is that it enables the placement of a graft geometrically to the roots. Whether it is done with the classic factory standard slit or handmade from razor, the opened groove is a single flat channel.

When you try to hold a graft close to the root of this groove and place it with a single forceps, the shaft (neck) close to the root is exposed to the risk of bending and bending force. This is an even bigger problem with grafts containing more than one root.

If you are going to use these slits, you should get in the habit of using two jewelry forceps which can reduce speed. Whereas the Sapphire Hair Transplanting blade’s diamond tip has a multi-axial structure, the risk of bending is much less when holding the roots by the neck and placing them is easier.

This is a very important detail. I estimate that just choosing to use the sapphire blade selection will increase graft viability by 10-20% in the same hands

Due to this technical detail, we transplant with Sapphire Percutaneous Blade, except when we are not doing DHI Hair Transplantation in our clinic. This is also my recommendation to you. Please contact us for more detailed information.