Is the use of Cortisone mandatory After Hair Transplantation?

The most important point that people who have hair transplantation wonder is whether it is necessary to take medication after hair transplantation. In general, side effects occur after hair transplantation. Side effects include pain in the head area. At the same time, swelling can occur in the transplantation areas as a side effect. Bruising occurs in the transplanted areas.

When people ask whether it is necessary to take medication after hair transplantation, the answer is  cortisone should be used 3 times per day with the advice of a doctor. Swelling and bruising also occurs in certain areas of the face after hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, people generally have bruising around their eyes. Therefore, people are recommended to use drugs containing cortisone. In addition to the cortisone drug, another drug that is recommended is aspirin. Aspirin is a drug that is generally used to dilute blood after hair transplantation. The blood circulation nourishes the roots of the hair. The blood flow that feeds the hair root is enabled by aspirin.


Is the use of Antibiotics mandatory After Hair Transplantation?

People who have had a hair transplantation are generally advised to use antibiotics afterwards. At this point people often wonder if it is necessary to take medication after hair transplantation which is very important at this stage. Antibiotic tablets to be used after hair transplantation should be considered as medication. Therefore, the use of antibiotics after hair transplantation  is mandatory. In general, the recommendation for antibiotic use after hair transplantation varies.

In general, antibiotics are used for 5 days, 7 days or 10 days, depending on the condition of the patient. Antibiotics are usually taken twice a day. Antibiotics to be used after hair transplantation generally prevent infection. Since there is a wound in the treated area, the possibility of infection is high. Therefore, antibiotics must be used after hair transplantation.


Itch Relief After Hair Transplantation

People who have hair transplantation are generally stuck at the point of whether to take medication after hair transplantation. Some doctors who carry out hair transplantations recommend the use of medication. These medications include an ocean water spray. This spray generally relieves the itching that occurs in the area where the hair has been transplanted. Itching occurs frequently in the hair transplantation area.

The reason for this is related to whether the scalp accepts the transplanted hair or not. People who have a hair transplant should use the ocean spray for the first ten days. Some people are advised to use it for a shorter period of time depending on the intensity of itching after hair transplantation. This spray relieves the itch of the patient in general. The spray has no side effects.


What Medication is Recommended After Hair Transplantation?

Medication is recommended to people who have had hair transplantation as a rule. In this respect, we provide the best service by giving the most accurate information to our patients. Doctors generally recommend shampoo care that lasts for fifteen days to patients who have had hair transplantation. Care should be taken to use baby shampoo during this process.

People who have hair transplantation should not use lotions and drugs without the approval of the doctor. In some cases, the drugs can cause side effects. People who have hair transplantation should use vitamin B7. After using baby shampoo, people can return to normal shampoo. However, care should be taken to ensure that the shampoo contains biotin. People who have had hair transplantation are advised to ask the hair transplantation center, whether it is necessary to take medication after hair transplantation.