Is having a Hair Transplantation the Right Choice?

Famous basketball player Lebron James, who had a hair loss problem, gained a natural and impressive appearance by having a hair transplantation. Hair loss can happen to anyone. However, if hair loss is more than 150 strands of hair per day, it is a serious problem. This is an unnatural and risky hair loss case. Over time, hair loss gradually increases and leads to baldness. People with baldness problems lose their self-confidence.

They experience negative situations in their social life. Lebron James, who was gradually progressing towards the problem of baldness, found a solution by having a hair transplantation. Hair transplantation enables full thick hair by opening small grooves onto the scalp and placing new hair strands in them. Many people suffer from baldness as a result of hair loss. Since baldness is a serious condition with no cure, it can only be resolved with hair transplantation. Having a hair transplantation is the right choice for individuals who are in the right age range, those who have a suitable donor hair for transplantation and those who have a serious problem with baldness.


What are the Effects of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a treatment method applied under local anesthesia. The first 3 days after hair transplantation are very important. In the initial stages, crusting will occur on the scalp. At the same time, there will be some discomfort and a burning sensation in the area where hair transplantation has been applied. When these problems are experienced, there is no harm in taking painkillers. However, the bandages must remain on the nape area for 3 days.

Care should be taken to avoid any blows and not to touch the area where the hair transplantation was carried out. The area where hair transplantation is applied must remain open. The biggest effect of hair transplantation is that the new hair strands will provide a natural appearance to the person. Lebron James is a famous football player who gained natural hair with a hair transplantation.



Does Hair Transplantation Carry a Risk?

The problem of hair loss gradually approaches the problem of baldness in many people. If hair loss cannot be prevented, there is no solution to the problem of baldness with drugs or natural ways. But it’s definitely not an unsolvable situation. Hair transplantation is the most applied and definitive solution to baldness in recent years. The hair transplantation process, which is applied according to each type of hair and baldness establishes a permanent effect for a lifetime. Moreover, with hair transplantation, not only does new hair grow, but also the shedding of existing hair strands is prevented.

Even hair loss that occurs in advanced ages can be prevented with hair transplantation. Lebron James, who suffered from hair loss, completely eliminated this problem after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a treatment method applied with great care. It is done painlessly under local anesthesia and therefore it does not carry any risk in any way. Therefore, hair transplantation is risk free.



Which Care Products Should Be Used After Hair Transplantation?

Baldness problems in the crown, forehead or other parts of the head are remedied with hair transplantation. The only remedy for baldness is definitely hair transplantation. The recovery period after hair transplantation is about 1 week. It is very important to take care of the new hair strands growing after hair transplantation, as well as use care products to protect the health of the hair.

However, commercial care products pose a danger after hair transplantation. Hair care shampoo and hair care products recommended by specialist doctors should be used. Otherwise, the healing process of the scalp can be delayed. Basketball player Lebron James is the most well-known name who has had a hair transplantation and gained healthy hair.