Is Hair Transplantation a Permanent Solution?

Akshay Khanna is a celebrity who had a problem of baldness due to hair loss on the crown and had a hair transplantation with effective results. Baldness caused as a result of hair loss is encountered in most people. Hair loss is very dangerous for this reason. In cases where hair loss is not prevented, baldness occurs and this is a problem that cannot be solved by natural means. The only effective solution for baldness is hair transplantation.


Akshay Khanna had hair transplantation treatment in the areas where the hair strands had become sparse and got definite results. Hair transplantation is a permanent method as the new hair strands will be removed from the hair follicles. Moreover, hair loss due to genetic factors and old age will not be encountered in people who have hair transplantation. In other words, hair transplantation not only ensures the formation of new hair, but also prevents the shedding of the already transplanted hair strands. The hair strands that are permanent for life look both natural and grow in a healthy way.



Is the Structure of the Hair to be Transplanted Important?

Hair structure and density vary from person to person. Although the parts that make up the hair structure are the same in every person, the structure itself is very different. The hair structure of the person is also taken into account when implementing hair transplantation. Akshay Khanna had a hair transplantation according to his hair structure, applied. The structure of the hair is formed in the skin region, the lower part of the skin region, the supporting layer for the hair follicles, the loose connective tissue and the outer cover layer. Hair is a structure located on the skin in different thicknesses. The presence of a high level of oil in the layer under the skin also causes the hair strands to be oily. People with this type of hair generally have fine hair.


The inner layer that makes up the hair fiber consists of thick hairs. The middle part of the hair strand is the area that determines the color of the hair. The outer layer is the part that protects the hair. The hair transplantation method is preferred according to the thickness of the hair of the patient. At the same time, hair transplantation sessions are adjusted according to the fullness of hair wanted by the patient. Therefore, the structure of the hair and the density of the hair are important for the hair transplantation process.


What is Fue Technique Hair Transplantation and how is it Applied?

The Fue technique is known as the most effective hair transplantation method applied to both women and men. Grooves are opened on the scalp with roller tips. Hair strands previously extracted from the patient are transplanted into these grooves. Akshay Khanna, one of the famous names, had the fue technique applied as a hair transplantation technique. This method, which is especially preferred for men, leaves absolutely no scars after hair transplantation.


It also looks very natural. Moreover, the hair strands planted with this technique are permanent for life and grow in a healthy way. This method, in which double or triple hair grafts are applied to each hair follicle, is the most recommended hair transplantation technique by experts.


What is Fut Technique Hair Transplantation and how is it Applied?

Fut technique is a method that is completed in a very short time. It is also among the most preferred hair transplantation techniques. Hair follicles are extracted from the nape and transplanted to the relevant area by distributing them in general. However, this procedure is applied in such a way that no scars are visible after hair transplantation.

Hair transplanted into newly opened grooves grows very quickly. This is very advantageous for people who prefer the fut technique. No matter how much the fut technique is preferred for hair transplantation, Akshay Khanna chose the fue technique for his hair transplantation.