Is anyone complaining about hair loss, Yes, hair transplantation is the inveterate solution to baldness. Okay lets do it. But why did you lose your hair in the first place? Generally, when we take the patient’s medical history, if there is a similar story in the family, we accept it as genetically programmed hair loss.

By relying on our clinical observation, we can safely steer the patient to hair transplantation. This is usually what the patient expects. However, there is one detail that should not be forgotten.

Especially if there is no complete baldness and the hair is weak, this should remind us that there could be a metabolic problem related to hair nutrition and survival. Many metabolic processes in our body directly affect the hair cycle.

Perhaps the problem is caused by an underactive thyroid gland which can be restored with a simple tablet and cause your hair to regrow. Or, perhaps the reason for the hair loss, especially in women, is a simple iron deficiency.

By using only iron pills, the blood level will settle down, you will feel more energetic and your hair will be saved. That is why a hair examination is not just about having a look at the roots.

Of course, in addition metabolic problems or deficiencies, allergic conditions and eczematous conditions of the scalp can also cause hair loss or the issue of vitamin D, which has come to the fore due to the corona virus. Today, we know that the immune system has an extremely important place in the hair cycle, and it is almost the modulator.

In summary, if you are telling Ozan Balık that you have a hair loss complaint and what tests to take, the list is below. Of course, keep in mind that this article is not a substitute for a doctor’s examination …

Routine Blood Count


Iron Binding




Vitamin D





Folic acid

Thyroid Screening Test (T3,T4,TSH)



Total Protein


You can get this test done at any health center and send the result to us and get a free consultation. Please contact us for more information about hair transplantation.