In Which Situations is Fue Hair Transplantation Preferred?


FUE hair transplantation is among the hair transplantation methods that cause curiosity. The Fue hair transplantation method is generally preferred in some cases.

The Fue hair transplant method is known to be a newer and easier method compared to those in the past.

Among the reasons why Fue transplantation is preferred is because no incisions need to made in the scalp. The hair transplantation method, which does not leave any scars, is generally among the methods preferred by all patients. Thus the hair transplantation leaves no suture marks. Therefore, the recovery period after hair transplantation is very short.


What are the Reasons for Preferring Fue Hair Transplantation?


People generally do research before deciding to have Fue hair transplantation. The easiness of the procedure is among the reasons why Fue hair transplantation is preferred. Ease of operation is very important for surgeons and individuals in general. Thanks to the Fue method, the hairs are extracted one by one from the scalp. Therefore, serious bleeding does not occur in the areas. The absence of bleeding prevents scarring. Therefore, this method is highly preferred.

One of the reasons why this method is preferred is that it is easy to apply. Thanks to this application, people can undergo a hair transplantation process faster without pain. Generally, local anesthesia is used during the procedure. The Fue hair transplantation method enables effectiveness in all conditions. That is why this is the most important factor in people choosing this procedure. Thanks to Fue hair transplantation, the transplanted hair presents a natural appearance.


What are the  Techniques used in Fue Hair Transplantation?


There are several techniques among Fue hair transplantation techniques. The Micro FUE hair transplantation technique is among Fue hair transplantation techniques. The Micro FUE hair transplantation technique is known as the advanced version of Manual Fue hair transplantation. This technique is generally preferred when hair transplantation is performed with the Fue technique.

In general, this technique is performed with the help of tools and equipment with micro tips. Tools with micro tips generally operate thanks to micro motors. With the Micro FUE hair transplantation technique, micro circles are opened on the skin where the hair is located. Then the hair root is carefully plucked from the tissue and removed. Sapphire fue hair transplantation is also included among Fue hair transplantation techniques. The tips used with this technique are manufactured from sapphire instead of metal.

What is Soft Fue Hair Transplantation?


Soft Fue hair transplantation is generally known as a sub-technique of FUE hair transplantation. This technique is actually known as hair transplantation with drugs containing sedation. Medications containing sedation generally do not interfere with the patients’ toilet habits. The patient’s comfort is very important at this stage. The reason for this is the support of drugs during the hair transplantation process.

The application of this method does not usually cause patients to lose consciousness. This technique enables us to offer the best service to our patients.