Hepatitis C / B Hair Transplantation Istanbul; When the liver is compromised from the effects of the hepatitis C, virus or from the effects of treating the hepatitis C virus, toxins build-up in the body’s tissues, nutrients have a harder time reaching cells, and inflammation can occur.

Excessive toxins, lack of nutrients and inflammation can all manifest as deficiencies to hair, skin, and nail tissues, because they are lacking the energy and components necessary to repair and regenerate themselves. There are two important factors in the hair transplantation of HIV patients.

  • Hepatitis C / B the causative agent of the disease is the hepatitis virus which is highly contagious
  • Hepatitis C / B. People with hepatitis C / B can have functionally impaired livers that can affect the healing process in hair transplantation and adversely affect the bleeding coagulation process.

There may be some debates and reservations about hepatitis C / B Hair transplantation all over the world as well as in Turkey. However, the subject of Hepatitis C / B Hair transplantation is not an issue to be developed into a phobia.

It is a scientifically feasible application. So, is there any difference between Hepatitis C / B hair transplantation and other hair transplants?

The surgical techniques are not different. The FUE technique has long been a solid technique in graft collection, whether manually o with a micro-motor. After the grafts are extracted, they rest in special Frozen PLT solutions and are placed one by one into the grooves to be opened with a sapphire percutaneous  blade along the front line.

Hepatitis C / B Hair Transplantation is a common practice in Turkey. Additional security systems are applied during this application. Special visors, special gloves and special solutions are used that reduce bleeding and particulate distribution of blood during the application. In this case, of course, the cost of Hepatitis C / B Hair Transplantation can vary in Istanbul.

What is included in the price of the packet for Hepatitis C / B  positive patients at our clinic?

* All the transfers in Istanbul between the airport, the hotel and the clinic.
* All the necessary blood analyses.
* Two nights’ accommodation at a four-five star hotel next to the hospital (breakfast, Wifi and taxes included) in a single room.
* The hair transplant operation itself, performed in a special operation theatre (an operation room just for undetectable Hepatitis C / B +)
* A specialized medical team that only performs operations on Hepatitis C / B patients (a specialized doctor and 2 nurses, dedicated only to operate on undetectable Hepatitis C / B patients.
* A medication packet and after care products (such as shampoo, foam or lotion, neck pillow, etc) as well as instructions on how to use the medications and care products.

If you are Hepatitis C/B (+), you can safely undergo a hair transplantation in our clinic in Istanbul and return serenely to your country. Your information will be safe with us. For more information about costs and package programs you can contact us via WhatsApp or our contact form.