Frozen PLT banking technique in hair transplantation and why has it become necessary in Hair Transplantation. Before we talk about this subject, let’s look at the historical process which generated the need.

Hair transplantation, or rather the first hair transplant in the world, took place in Japan in the 1940s, and contrary to popular belief, this was not done to transplant hair on the head. It was performed to transplant hair from the head of a patient who thought that his genital area was not hairy enough.

As a result of the success of the method, it was planned to be used in hair transplantation as well, and a solution was started to be found for this problem for men. Of course, hair transplantation was done in the form of FUT at this time.

In FUT, or Follicular Unit Transplantation, a piece of scalp with hair was removed from the nape of the neck as a block and the roots were nearly ground into minced meat to preserve the roots.

Each piece had hair follicles in the form of bundles in parallel with the amount of reduction. If the bundle of hair was too much, it would inevitably look like a bundle of leeks after healing.

In 1988, with the development of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method in hair transplantation, the hand punch started to be used. Subsequently, with the addition of power drive, the p-FUE application was developed. The method entered the literature in 2002 and became popular worldwide.

Following the spread of these practices, we were asked why we did not do beard and mustache transplantations in addition to hair transplants, and these procedures were started. The achieved success was very satisfying indeed.

In the following years, with the use of the Choi Implanter and French Needle, eyelash transplantation has been added to hair transfer procedures.

What is the Frozen PLT Technique?

Whichever method was used, the treatment of the hair follicles one by one took time and their struggle for survival in the external environment started for the hair follicles separated from their original place in the nape area.

With the FUE technique, especially when a large number of grafts are taken, the grafts remain outside the body for a long time until the moment of transplantation. The longer this period takes, the harder it is for the grafts to survive.

The graft root is a living cell and needs nutrients and oxygen like all other cells in our body. Hair transplantations with increased survival rates are possible with FUE hair grafts banked in Frozen PLT Transplant Solutions prepared from your own blood in our clinic.

Before starting the hair transplantation in our clinic, the patient’s blood is taken and after some procedures, platelet and plasma are taken independently of the fibrin. This is the same as a nutrient solution used in organ transplants.

Platelet suspensions are frozen in glass Petri dishes where the hair grafts will be placed. While the grafts collected in FUE hair transplantation are kept in Petri dishes containing this Frozen – PLT Graft Solution, the frozen solution begins to thaw slowly and the grafts maintain their vitality for a long time.

The success of FUE hair transplantation has been greatly increased with the Frozen – PLT Graft Banking Technique. 

Hair Transplantation is a Surgical Procedure …

Hair transplantation is an extremely pleasant procedure performed with local anesthesia and accompanied by conversation, resting, and having lunch and coffee breaks. Although the procedure is carried out in what appears to be a pink picture, it is a surgical procedure.

Therefore, hair transplantation should be in the hands or under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. This is both a medical and legal requirement. Do not hesitate to ask who will be the leading surgeon of the team that will carry out your procedure and demand to see his diploma.

A real doctor will take great pleasure in showing you his diploma that has been earned after years of work. If you refrain from this questioning for your own health, you will not have the right to say anything afterwards. You are the one to decide who will transplant your hair.

FUE Hair Transplantation Prices 2021

Although Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure, it is an area that has been handled by many people other than doctors. A very comfortable price-based competition is on the agenda, as there is no investment in a diploma beforehand.

Unfortunately, people can have hair transplantation procedures in under the counter places just because they get more affordable hair transplantation prices with the effect of social media. Having a hair transplantation done in a hospital environment does not guarantee that the person who does it is a medical worker or a doctor.

In summary, if you are planning to have a hair transplantation done by an unqualified individual because it is a relatively simple process just because it is more affordable, you should be ready for possible challenges.

FUE hair transplantation pricing can be done in various ways. Pricing can be done according to the number of grafts or graft number intervals or, more rarely as standard hair transplantation.

If we are not talking about a small number of grafts in a very small area, we aim to get the maximum amount of graft from the nape area. Of course, this completely depends on the donor site. (Graft removal from the body comes to the fore when the nape area is insufficient, however the pros and cons of this method should be discussed.)