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The hands of that clock you see on the wall move forward without caring about you and leave you behind. Time does not take a break and nothing interests him. Come hell or high water, it moves on. No matter what, it will move forward. A similar time keeping system is inherent in our cells, working non-stop, and a stubborn force called gravity is pulls all our tissues downward. The first sign that it is winning the battle: AGING.

First, the elasticity of the skin loses its former strength and resistance, and then the fabric covering our body begins to lose its collagen support. The fabric get thinner. These are the main building blocks that make up the structure of our body. On the one hand, what has been lost must be replaced, which is quite challenging for a system the production mechanisms of which are starting to get tired and do not function as fast as in youth. If you have irregular eating habits, a fondness for cigarettes, it means that you have battered your production factories. If you have been exposed to the sun intentionally or unintentionally, if you love the incredible device called a solarium and if you use it at certain intervals, your production cycle has been further damaged, your elastin destruction has increased, and your body has become slightly more than a dumping ground for oxidant residues. When this is topped with gravity that has been hanging over these traumatized structures for years, the clarity of this unfolding process is manifested before our eyes.

So far, I have talked about our general aging process, and although this process affects the entire body, you probably perceived this deformation as an affliction of the facial region. However, this process occurs in the breasts, abdomen, hips, arms, hands and genital area. However, we often associate aging with the face. That is why I have preferred to discuss face-centered aging in this article.

As we get older, the first noticeable and striking differences on our face are the gradual deterioration of our skin quality, your skin loses its lustre and former brilliance, and the pinks are replaced by a brownish yellow dullness. There are fat pads that give fullness to our face and provide a more energetic appearance, which usually decrease in volume with age. The connective ligaments (think of them as suspending ligaments) that hold these fat pads in place start to sag and become unable to support the fat pads. The fat pads under the eyes and the cheek fat pads start to separate from each other with aging.

The reason for this is that the ligaments holding them both are different and the cheek fat pads are heavier and pulled more by gravity. We describe this as the formation of a halo-shaped groove under the eyes. Although most of us say that we have bags under our eyes as a result of aging, this is usually not an accurate determination. What happens is that the suspending ligaments cannot carry the cheek fat with their former strength and starts to sag rapidly and our under-eye fat remains alone. Of course, this is not the only factor, the membranes that hold the fat under the eyes also starts to sag, but the main basic mechanism develops this way. We can call this stage 1. While aging continues, cheek fat goes down and increases the depth and lines of the grooves on the edge of our nose, which is what we call stage 2. While the process continues, sagging appears on the edge of our chin. This image is also described as bulldog cheeks because of the resemblance. This is Stage 3. Simultaneously, drooping and sagging of the eyelids and eyebrows start to accompany these images at various stages. If your neck also joins in and starts to sag, we have reached stage 4. As if that is not enough, bone structure in our face starts to fall apart. We always talk about osteoporosis with aging, but for some reason, we don’t associate it with our face.

I hope you have lived happily until this moment in your life. What matters is the quality of life, not the quantity. After this point, we can talk about increasing your quality of life and what we can add to your joie de vivre surgically.

I want to share my thoughts with you about what should be done according to the stages I tried to explain above. You might find some of my thoughts very radical. I defend these as my personal opinions and do not refer to the practices of other colleagues. Everyone will have their own opinion in some way.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a picture doing a handstand, but if you  a picture like this, you will have noticed that many problems on your face have improved and you look younger. We talked about the mechanism of the problems above. The major problem is gravity and the downward displacement of the fat pads. So the first thing to do is to move the sagging parts back to where they belong. I have some criteria in choosing a method. Based on the aging mechanisms that I mentioned above, a mid face lift process is required for stages 1 and 2. So where is the mid face, from where to where does it cover the forehead? The middle face is the name of the area that is covered from the grooves on the edges of the nose, the horizontal line of the lip edges and the outer border of our eyes. This process can be done in various ways. The middle face can be reached endoscopically through an incision made on the scalp, or this procedure can be performed with an incision made from the bottom of the eyelashes on the lower eyelid. In some cases you need to do both at the same time. Some surgeons may combine both procedures with an oral incision. If you have excess skin in the under eye area, making an incision from the bottom of the eyelashes is almost inevitable to. In most of my own cases, I make sure to cut under the eyelashes. I usually do not make an intraoral incision. If only the scalp is entered, the operation must be performed endoscopically. Otherwise, it is not possible to reach the mid face and see it. If you are in stage 3 and 4, a midface lift surgery will be insufficient. The manipulation I have described is not enough to remove the tissues sagging along the jawline. The place where the tissues at this point should be lifted is not exactly 90 degrees above. Therefore, a cheek lift is performed by releasing the cheek tissues with an incision that starts in front of the ear and turns behind the ear. Thanks to this incision, interventions to the neck can also be performed. Of course, a facelift process should be accompanied with upper eyelid and eyebrow lifting applications. Failing to remove excess on the eyelids or leaving the eyebrows alone while rejuvenating the face will disrupt the aesthetic harmony.

Well, we have battled sagging, we have also lifted the downward-displaced fat pads. Even the cheeks and neck were lifted in the process; does that mean that the problems are over? Of course not. We mentioned above that volumetric losses may occur due to the disintegration of the facial bone structure (due to osteoporosis or tooth loss) within the aging mechanism.

There are patients who have no fat pad that can be lifted with a mid face procedure, or the fat pads are insufficient to provide fullness. Of course, the patients in this group will look better after a mid face lift, but if we have the chance to add that bone volume, a more aesthetic and more anatomical solution will be produced. Therefore, implants (prosthesis) or fat filling can be applied to the malar (cheekbone) area. Malar implants (cheekbone prosthesis) can be placed during the same session and a mid face can be made over it. Fat filling can also be applied, but the possibility of some dissolving in fat grafts should not be forgotten. However, cheek implants or fat injections to the cheekbone area are among the applications that I do very often to achieve a more attractive facial expression in people who display no signs of aging but have an inconspicuous middle face.

What is the right age for Face Lift surgery?

There is no formula or age limit in facelift surgery. Whenever you see the problems described above on your face (sometimes in your thirties and sometimes in patients aged fifty and over) and want to get it fixed is the right time to have the procedure. Remember that some sagging might not be directly related to age, but can also be related to your anatomy and genetic predisposition. However, middle age for midface, advanced age for cheek lift (face lift) that was mentioned for stage 3-4 can be recommended, but this can vary from person to person.

Can it be done together with other procedures?

Combined applications are surgeries that I do frequently. My patients usually look in the mirror and see one or more points that they are not happy with. However, the problem is usually the whole. Especially in the face area, all structures directly affect each other. A face lift can be combined with a midface, eyelid, eyebrow, nose surgery, ear surgery. There is no problem in combining it with procedures from other body parts. As long as you don’t have a medical problem that is not commensurate with long surgery times.

What to expect in surgery and right after?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It takes 2.5 hours for the midface operation, and around 4 hours a facelift is added. The eyelids takes 30 minutes and 1 hour is added for eyebrow or temporal lifts. Paper tapes will be stuck under the eyes for 5 days. If a cheek lift was also performed, you will have an elastic bandage. I don’t usually use drains. Swelling and bruising are in the nature of this surgery. You should   not let this worry you, it will take an average of 2 weeks. One week after your surgery, you can return to your social life and apply make-up.

Can I get results by having my fat used as filler in my face?

The fat fillers available in your own body can be used for many purposes and good results can be obtained when used in the right place. There is no problem, especially after the patient accepts that the fat can dissolve and require more than one session. Fat fillers increase tissue quality in the areas where they are injected, especially because of the dense stem cells they contain. They add volume to the area. A  more youthful appearance can be obtained this way. While the fat filling process produces excellent results with the right person and planning, it can be satisfactory in advanced sagging problems only when combined with face lifts.

What can I do without surgery?

As a plastic surgeon, my priority is to operate if the patient is suitable. The reason for this is that the results obtained with surgical procedures are more permanent and display significant effects. This is a result that satisfies both the patient and the doctor. I can suggest non-surgical solutions in two situations: First is detecting facial problems in their early stages and delaying surgery with minor procedures, and the other is a patient who does not want to have surgery. So what are our options? We can perform applications such as laser treatments, injections, radiofrequency, silhouettesoft, mesolift, stem cell treatments to increase and tighten skin quality. We perform these applications after a certain period of time to increase skin quality in our surgical patients.

What would you recommend for skin?

The surgical manipulations we have described correct the main skeleton and its covering in your anatomy. But no surgery will give your skin that feeling of freshness and vitality of youth. we recommend the use of fractional lasers, chemical peels, Q-switch lasers, radiofrequency, skin care, dermastamp, dermatherapies, fillers, botox, mesotherapy and many more dermacosmetic products to improve the upper layer of your skin quality and apply some of them. These minor procedures are indeed important supplements, especially when performed after surgical procedures.

So how much younger will I look and how long will this effect last?

You will go back to the age in which your last picture did not have sagging, wrinkles, volume loss, folds that were mentioned as a problem in the face area. Thanks to this surgical procedure, time is turned for you (not metabolically, of course), however, unfortunately time will continue to pass after the procedure. With a good and regular diet, avoiding smoking, and applying the necessary care to your skin for a certain period of time, you can maintain the obtained result for many years. The procedure is a permanent surgery in theory and in practice. The tissues that were lifted and the tightened cheeks will adapt to their new position and continue to exist. This promises us many years.

Face Lift Surgery Prices

Facelift operations are also divided into classes within themselves. While a mid-face lift in facelift surgery is included in our clinic, a cheek lift might not be required for every mid-facelift case. Or, implants can be placed during facelift surgery to make your cheekbones more prominent and to accentuate your chin. All these affect the prices of facelift surgery. Please contact us for accurate facelift surgery pricing.