What is Eyelash Transplantation?

Eyelash Transplantation is applied to people who have lost their eyelashes for various reasons. Eyebrows and eyelashes are the most important features that reveal the beauty of the look. The main reasons of eyelash loss are:

  • Excessive and repetitive eyelash plucking due to psychological issues
  • Genetically weak eyelashes
  • Alopecia
  • Scarring due to wounds, burns, or tattoos
  • Medical treatments using cytostatic medication, or radiation

Eyelash transplantation is a procedure that needs care already at the planning stage. It is extremely important in the designing to sequence the eyelashes correctly. The rotation direction of the bristle must be set correctly.

Eyelash transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. There are several different methods of eyelash transplantation.

Similarly to the FUE technique, hair roots can be collected and even body hair can be used if it will be of a more suitable size, depending on the structure of the eyelashes. In fact, the collection of hair from near the nape area can be preferred if they are finer than the nape area hair.

Hair is collected using a micro-motor FUE or manual FUE depending on the technical fineness of the hair. Since implantation with thin slit incisions will not be easy in the skin of the area, transplantation with Choi implanters will be more appropriate.

Already quite thin, the graft roots need to be transferred to the eyebrow area without being traumatized. This transfer must conform to the eye’s  natural structure.

In another method involves extracting a piece of scalp from the nape, such as FUT, and the roots are separated from the long hairs and implanted to the eyelids with a French Needle. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to design the right application specifically for the patient.

The new planted eyelashes will show a tendency to grow like the hair in its place of origin and they will need to be trimmed. Before the procedure, we have a discussion with our patients about the length and thickness of the new eyelashes. Subsequently, we determine a small area on the nape which is shaved to collect the follicles.

This is an area which you can camouflage with your hair very easily. The number of grafts to be taken varies between 50-200, depending on the need. It takes about 4-6 months for the eyelashes to start growing after the transplantation. It takes about one year for the eyelashes to mature in full.

Whether eyelash transplantation is done with Choi implanter or French Needle, the curve direction of the hair that will form the eyelashes should be upwards.

The basic principles for implanted eyelashes are the same as for hair. The implanted hairs will shed first. New eyelashes begin to appear in 6-9 months.

The most important issue that we will emphasize in eyelash transplantation is to understand thoroughly whether you are suitable for this procedure. People with normal frequency but weak hair structure can also request eyelash transplantation, however they are not suitable candidates for the procedure.

A practice such as doubling the eyelash row is not correct. It is really necessary to have eyelash loss to qualify for eyelash transplantation. Eyelash loss can be partial or total.

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