Everything about Hair Transplantation

Chris Evans, who had a problem of baldness due to hair loss, found the final solution by having a hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is preferred by people who have many baldness problems, including celebrities. However, there are different types of hair transplantation. Some hair transplantation procedures are suitable for bald areas, while others are suitable for areas with sparse hair. In this case, the rate of hair loss and baldness experienced by people with hair loss problems must be determined very well.


As a celebrity, Chris Evans had hair transplantation done in areas with sparse hair. After this hair transplantation, new hair strands grow much more abundantly in the areas where the hair is sparse. Moreover, this situation is permanent. Hair transplantation applied to bald areas gives the same results. New hair follicles placed into grooves opened for the hair follicles, grow quickly and naturally, providing a healthy appearance.


What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

Most people complain about the frequent shedding of hair strands. There could be many reasons for this. However, this problem has turned out to be an unsolvable problem. Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent solution for people suffering from hair loss and baldness. People who have hair transplantation feel much more self-confident. Feeling bad or hesitant in society disappears.


Although the recovery and result period of each individual hair transplantation varies, in general, a natural appearance is achieved within 1 year after hair transplantation. Moreover, the hair strands continue to grow naturally. One of the biggest advantages of hair transplantation is that it provides a natural look. An example of this is the natural look that Chris Evans achieved after hair transplantation. At the same time, the problem of hair loss due to aging is very rare in people who have new hair with hair transplantation.


What is the Process After Hair Transplantation?

Chris Evans is among the celebrities who have hair transplantation for healthy and natural hair. Hair transplantation is a method of achieving natural hair, which is also very popular in the world of celebrities. The process after the hair transplantation is as important as the process. People who have baldness problems or who have sparse hair should keep a bandage wrapped around the nape for 3 days after hair transplantation. Even if slight bleeding occurs in the next process, the area where the hair transplantation is done starts to crust and the healing process is initiated.


This process can take approximately 8 or 10 days. After the crusting process has passed, it is very important to protect this area with the help of a hat when going out in the sun. Subsequently, the newly transplanted hair will start to shed. Since this is a very normal phase, people should not get discouraged. After this process, which lasts for the first 3 months, the hair strands will grow in a full and natural way. This period will last approximately 6 months.


Which Months Should be preferred for Hair Transplantation?


People who have hair loss and baldness problems can have hair transplantation any month. Although many people are hesitant about having a hair transplantation in the summer, it can be carried out in the summer. At this point, as long as attention is paid to the details that need attention, there will be no problem. Especially the scalp should be protected from the sun. At the same time, swimming in the sea should be avoided for a while. Chris Evans had a hair transplantation in the summer and had no problems.