End Baldness with Hair Transplantation Techniques

Rob Brydon, who developed baldness due to hair loss, is a celebrity who has overcome this problem by having a hair transplantation. Hair strands weaken over time and start to fall out of the hair follicles. In this process, the hair strands come out again, but in a much more lifeless and weak way than before. After a certain period of time, these hair strands start to fall out again. This shedding can be caused by environmental factors as well as genetic factors.

Rob Brydon found a solution by having a hair transplantation to end this shedding. Hair transplantation is the most preferred method in treating the problem of baldness because it is both permanent and gives a natural result. Baldness is a problem that occurs after hair loss and is almost impossible to correct with natural methods. Hair transplantation is a treatment method that definitely puts an end to baldness.


Why should hair transplantation be done?Many people, both male and female, have serious hair loss problems. Losing an average of 100 or 150 hair strands per day is considered natural under normal conditions. However, in some people this number is much higher, causing serious problems. Hair loss usually results in baldness. Gradually thinning hair strands disappear completely over time. As a result, people’s self-esteem drops. Lack of self-confidence also has a negative impact on social life and his identity.

At this point, people who are faced with the problem of baldness should definitely have a hair transplantation. The most appropriate hair transplantation method should be determined by consulting with experts in the field. As a result of serious hair loss, Rob Brydon had a hair transplantation and realized a major difference in his appearance. After hair transplantation, people get the look they want and attract attention. Therefore, it is very important to have a hair transplantation which is the most effective solution for baldness.


How is the Direction of Transplanted Hair Determined?Hair transplantation is the simplest way to have natural and healthy hair again. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some details during hair transplantation. One of these details is to adjust the growth direction of the new hair strands to be transplanted. Experts in the field determine this direction in accordance with the patient before hair transplantation. Before the Rob Brydon hair transplantation procedure, the experts determined the hair transplantation direction from both sides. One of the details that are effective in this regard is what the true direction of the sparse existing hair is.

Performing hair transplantation based on the person’s natural hair direction will add a more natural appearance. The grooves opened into the skin for hair transplantation are opened depending on the determined hair direction. The direction of the grooves opening to the bald area opens 30 degrees forward. In the temple area, grooves are opened for the hair follicles by using an angle of 45 degrees, opening both forward and in both directions. The hair strands placed in the grooves opened this way will grow in that direction..

What age intervals are suitable for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a treatment method applied to bald areas and areas where hair strands are sparse. Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone over the age of 18, male or female. However,  in general terms, hair loss and baldness problems are mainly encountered between the ages of 20 and 40, so hair transplantation is done more often in this age interval. Rob Brydon had a hair transplant when he was middle aged and the result was quite effective.