Hair Transplantation without shaving: DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

(Choi needle Technique)

DHI Hair Transplant counters an important need in hair transplantation for both male and female patients. Today’s technology makes it is possible to grow hair and get successful results with many wonderful methods.

However, details such as shaving the hair can cause us to shy away from this easy and effective method. Almost all of the women and some of the men definitely do not want to be shaved for hair transplantation and prefer DHI hair transplantation.

Their socio-cultural positions do not generally encourage this. So what are we going to do, are we that desperate?

Absolutely not. In 1990, Dr. Choi invented the Choi Pen in Korea which was named after him (Choi pen, Choi needle, Choi Implanter). Choi needles have a thin channel hair grafts extracted with the FUE technique we know can be placed one by one.

After the FUE hair graft is placed into this pen, it is inserted into the area where the hair will be transplanted, at the angle it should have. After the Choi needle is inserted into the scalp, the hair graft is injected into the scalp to remain under the skin due to the mechanism of the graft needle.




DHI Hair Transplant Turkey – Dr. Ozan Balık

The hair grafts are transported to the area in this way where they will be transplanted one by one with the Choi needle tip. It is called Direct Hair Transplantation-Implantation (DHT, DHI) because the hair graft is carried directly without opening a groove.

DHI Hair Transplantation should not be thought of as a hair transplantation without shaving the head. In principle, the hair follicles are embedded in the scalp within the protective walls of the choi needle and left where they are. This is the method that causes the least trauma to hair follicles.

This method enables hair transplantation without root trauma with the use of various needles and pens. The success of hair transplantation, which is normally between 75-85%, has increased to 95% with the DHI method. Implanters such as sharp-edged choi implanters, dull needle implanters, SAVA needles have been developed and continue to be developed to this end.

DHI Hair Transplant Result

DHI Hair Transplantation Prices 2021

Of course, DHI Hair Transplantation with Choi implanters is a laborious and prolonging process. Therefore, it requires a larger transplanting team.

This will of course increase the cost. DHI Hair Transplantation starts again like the Fue technique and the grafts are placed one by one with the Choi needle. Therefore, it is a technically an extremely difficult and longer process.

That is why DHI Hair Transplantation pricing is different from Classic FUE hair transplantation pricing. Please contact us for DHI Hair Transplantation Prices.

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