Can a Second Hair Transplantation Be Done?


Since male pattern hair loss is a very common hair loss problem in men and women in general, people can have a second hair transplantation procedure. Sometimes hair loss can continue in people suffering from male pattern hair loss even if hair transplantation is performed.

It is possible for people who have had a hair transplantation to have a second procedure if necessary. In general, hair loss processes are completed by the age of thirty. This is why people are recommended to wait until the age of 30 before having a hair transplantation. In general, it is known that the people who have repeat hair transplantation procedures are those who have had hair transplantation before the age of 30. In general, tertiary and fourth hair transplantation procedures are also performed for people in this situation. After a certain period, the hair transplantations start to give positive results. We continue to provide good services to our patients in this regard.

How long does it take for Hair Transplantation to yield results?


People who have hair transplantation generally have hair loss problems. However, this emerging hair loss problem stops within a certain period of time. In most cases people who suffer from male pattern hair loss continue to lose hair even if a hair transplantation is performed. This in turn leads to the  second hair transplantation phase. Another question that people wonder about in general is how long does it take for the hair to grow after hair transplantation.

In general, at least 1 and at most 3 months after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair starts to shed. This actually does not cause any problems. The loss of transplanted hair actually means the strengthening of the hair strands. In general, hair starts to grow after 3 months on average in people who have had hair transplantation. Then the person’s hair continues to grow. In general, people’s hair gains volume after the 6th month. One year is needed until people can get the most out of their hair transplantation.

What kind of Care is needed After Hair Transplantation?


People need to be very careful after hair transplantation. The first hair transplantation might not give positive results every time. The main reason for this is known as the cause of hair loss problems. People should be very careful when they have a second hair transplantation. People who do not pay attention after the second procedure may find themselves having third and fourth hair transplantations.

People who have a hair transplantation should have a dressing on the transplanted area one day after the procedure. In general, in addition to dressing, the transplanted areas are treated with an antiseptic solution. The bandage is removed after the treatment. After a certain time, the hair transplantation areas are carefully washed by the hair team.

What Happens One Year after Hair Transplantation?

People wonder when their hair will be as they want after the hair transplantation. People who have hair transplantation generally get the hair they want after one year. Transplanted hair looks natural as a whole. Therefore, it is safe to say that people get the perfect hair they want at the end of one year.

During this process, people can carry out certain care procedures as specified by the hair transplantation centers to strengthen the roots of the hair that have been transplanted. It is also known that after one year, hair transplantation does not occur at certain points. A second hair transplantation is not needed to remedy this.