What are the Negative Aspects of Biofiber Hair Transplantation?

Biofiber hair transplantation is carried out by using synthetic fibers similar to hair. Inorganic hair transplantation takes a long time. Synthetic fibers used in inorganic hair transplantation are mostly fixed to the scalp in a different way. Therefore, this type of hair transplantation is not performed very often.

Biofiber hair transplantation, which is not done often, usually ends up looking like a wig on people’s heads. Problems are encountered when synthetic hair transplantation is exposed to heat in general. When people have inorganic hair transplantation, they should stay away from heat factors such as hot blow dryers and hot water. Generally, these factors cause general problems in synthetic hair. If the person has a thin skin structure, this procedure is not performed.

Synthetic hair usually causes skin infections. Such infections harm the natural hair of the relevant individual. This in turn causes hair loss. Synthetic hair can usually be spotted. This hair does not grow or shorten. Therefore, it is not possible for people to change the way their hair looks.

Who Are the Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Generally, people with health problems are not suitable candidates for biofiber hair transplantation. Artificial hair transplantation is generally applied to people who cannot have a hair transplantation as a result of insufficient hair follicles in the nape area. Not having enough hair in the nape area is known as an obstacle for people to have hair transplantation. Artificial hair transplantation is generally considered an alternative method for people who cannot have hair transplantation.

In general, biofiber hair transplantation is offered as an alternative to people. The drawbacks of hair transplantation, which is offered to people as a method, are quite high. Artificial hair transplantation usually causes infections. In addition to infection, cyst formation is also known as a disadvantage that occurs after artificial hair transplantation. Artificial hair transplantation sometimes causes inflammation on the scalps of patients.

How is Artificial Hair Transplantation done?

Artificial hair transplantation is generally known as hair transplantation to bald areas. Biofiber hair transplantation is not done with people’s own hair. If the patient has few hair follicles, hair transplantation is performed with artificial hair in the area where the person has a problem with baldness. Artificial hair transplantation can be done in different lengths. Transplanted artificial maintains its original length, therefore the preferred length is very important.

Artificial hair transplantation is very important for the health of people. Therefore, during the preliminary examination, the person is tested for allergies to artificial hair. In general, hair transplantation is not performed for people with allergies. Therefore, this method is not suitable for everyone. The reaction of the patient to artificial hair is very important. Therefore, the first month should be arranged as a trial process for hair transplantation.

Does Transplanted Artificial Hair Look Like Natural Hair?

Artificial hair transplantation is generally known as a treatment for people with insufficient hair follicles. In the initial stages of artificial hair transplantation, the hair generally does not look like natural hair. In later stages artificial hair can be spotted. We give our patients the best information on this subject. Artificial hair will be obvious in the future. The main reason for this is that the hair transplantation is not done with real hair. Therefore, biofiber hair transplantation is not recommended unless you are in a very difficult situation.