About Hair Transplantation

Chris Martin, who had a problem with baldness due to the problem of hair loss, is a celebrity who has radically solved this problem by having a hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which even celebrities prefer, is a very popular remedy for baldness. Moreover, hair transplantation is the most effective solution that will last a lifetime. Hair loss is a very common problem in both men and women. Rapid and uncontrolled hair loss also causes baldness.

Having this problem, Chris Martin had a completely different look after hair transplantation. The main reason for this is that hair transplantation methods provide both a natural appearance and a very effective result. As time progresses, hair loss due to aging is sometimes observed, albeit at a very low rate in people who have had hair transplantation. This shows how beneficial and effective hair transplantation is.


Hair Transplantation Treatment in Men

Even though the problem of hair loss and baldness is encountered in both men and women, it is more common in men. Hair loss in men can be genetic or develop due to aging. In addition, many environmental factors can cause hair loss. This problem experienced by men not only lowers self-confidence, but also encourages the desire to stay away from society. Chris Martin, one of the male celebrities who faced the problem of baldness due to hair loss, experienced a significant change by having a hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a very simple method that positively affects the appearance of a person. Male individuals over the age of 18 can have hair transplantation. The most effective and most preferred hair transplantation method in men is the Fue technique. However, people should consult experts about hair transplantation before it is too late. Although the Fue technique is a very effective method of hair transplantation in men, its effectiveness can decrease in cases where it is delayed.

What is Fue Technique Hair Transplantation, How is it Applied?

The main requirement for the application of the Fue technique in hair transplantation is that the person must not be completely bald. The reason why Chris Martin, one of the celebrities, preferred the fue technique for a hair transplantation is that he was not completely bald. In this technique, the person must have hair even if it is sparse since the hair to be transplanted shall be done by using existing hair as donor grafts.

Especially hair strands collected from the nape area are kept separately. The graft samples to be extracted vary according to the density of hair transplantation that the patient needs. The main advantage of hair transplantation with the Fue method is that it does not leave any traces. According to the needs of the person, the number of sessions can increase while the hair transplantation process is applied with this technique.


Advantages of the Fue Hair Transplantation Method

The Fue hair transplantation technique, which is very effective especially for men, is applied with a micro motor with cylindrical ends. It is quite easy to achieve success with the Fue technique, which is applied by experts in the field.

Moreover, hair loss does not occur in people who have undergone hair transplantation with the Fue technique, even if the hair loss has been caused by genetic factors. On the contrary, hair growth continues for life. In this respect, hair transplantation applied with the Fue technique, which provides great success compared to other hair transplantation methods, is very advantageous. It is a method that does not leave any traces, as there is no need to apply stitches after hair transplantation. Although it is generally preferred by men, it is also applied to women. Chris Martin had a hair transplantation with the Fue technique.